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Version: 1.14.0


Omniscient is an iOS app that leverages your iPhone or iPad to create 3D camera tracking and LiDAR scanning.

Getting Started

  • Navigate: Use the top navigation bar to access your Projects, Settings, Help, and Premium features.
  • Select: The middle section of the home page allows you to choose the recording destination.
  • Record: Tap the Start button to access the recording page.

Tuto Home

Record a Shot

  1. Set Up: Choose your resolution, FPS, and add overlays for composition.
  2. Scanning: Before recording, scan your environment by tapping the scan button. Tap again to complete the scan.
  3. Record: Tap the record button to capture your shot.

Tuto Record


A shot must be taken for the scan to be saved, standalone scanning is currently not supported.

Manage your Shots

Create and manage projects and sequences, each with their own shots.

Tuto Manager

Export Your Shots

Choose between exporting single shots or multiple shots, with options for original or processed videos, depth data, and more.


  • Video: Include or exclude video and depth (.mov).
  • Camera: Export 3D camera data in Alembic (.abc), USD (.usda), or FBX (.fbx) formats.
  • Geometry: Choose .obj format for compatible software. For After Effects or Motion, add anchors by tapping the designated anchor button.
  • Third Party: Export files for specific sotwares to facilitate the experience. Learn more about our integration with third party apps here.

Tuto Export


Long-press on a project or sequence, then tap "Select All" to choose all shots.